Catch up: Advancing Aboriginal Led Approaches to Enterprise and Economic Development in NSW

Professor Heidi Norman recently gave a talk on Aboriginal led approaches to enterprise and economic development as part of the First Nation’s Speaker Series. This series of conversations is presented in collaboration with GML Heritage and the Research Centre for Deep History.

This talk is now available to watch on demand via the link below. About her talk and her work, Heidi Norman has said:

“In this work I offer some initial insights, drawing on field work conducted over the last few years, about Aboriginal led approaches to enterprise and economic development. Focusing on NSW and the work of Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs), I map these approaches and identify some key themes along with the limits and possibilities of Aboriginal-led collective enterprise and economic development. I examine this point in relation to the history of Aboriginal contact and engagement with the settler economy, the public policy orientation towards economic development and more recently, Indigenous businesses. Bringing together the policy and the practice of communal and land-based enterprise, I offer suggestions for strategies to advance Aboriginal aspirations for economic development linked to the land estate.”

Watch Heidi’s talk on YouTube.

About Heidi Norman

Professor Heidi Norman is a leading Australian researcher in the field of Aboriginal political history. From 2018 she has commenced a large ARC funded study of the social, economic and cultural benefits of Aboriginal land repossession in New South Wales. At the heart of her research, is her support for Aboriginal peoples’ rightful place in the nation, especially within political institutions, in society and the economy as landholders. She is a descendant of the Gomeroi people from north western NSW.

Heidi Norman is a collaborating scholar of the Research Centre for Deep History.