The Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellowship recognizes mentoring achievement and capacity; it provides additional support for a mentoring program for early career women in particular, as well as developing Early Career Resarchers and Indigenous training opportunities.

Early Career Researcher workshops


In 2021, we hosted two workshops:


Due to COVID-19 our planned workshops for 2020 were postponed.


In 2019 we held a workshop at Harvard:

Workshop on Postcolonial Tensions Harvard 2019.


Our first year was a bumper year for ECR workshops. They included one on the History of Eugenics, Deepening the Time of History, Deep Time and Indigenous Histories:

Indigenous Future Leaders and Skills Training

2020 and 2021

Restrictions due to COVID-19 postponed other planned opportunities for 2020.


2019 was an outstanding year in skills training in Broome, with Nyamba Buru Yawuru (NBY) undertaking a National Library Oral History Workshop and recordings added to the NLA’s Oral History Collection. More members of the Research Centre then had the opportunity to train with the National Library’s equipment at their 2020 Retreat.