Latest publications and public engagement

Research Centre team member, Laura Rademaker, joined with Collaborating Scholar Sally K May, Joakim Goldhann, Paul S C Taçon and Julie Narndal Gumurdul in an article on aboriginal histories and rock art, Narlim’s Fingerprints. Published in the latest edition of the Journal of Australian Studies, Laura said this one was a fun collaboration.

Laura also spoke on “Against the Grain”, KPFA Pacifica Radio in Berkeley, about how members of the Anindilyakwa community on Groote Eylandt resisted and repurposed English literacies. This was based on the recent publication of “Going Off Script: Aboriginal Rejection and Repurposing of English Literacies” in Indigenous Textual Cultures Reading and Writing in the Age of Global Empire.

Collaborating Scholar, Robin Derricourt featured recently on RN’s Science Show talking about how archaeology could extend knowledge of the history of religion. His book, Creating God: The birth and growth of major religions has just been released by Manchester University Press. Advisory Committee member, Lynette Russell also featured on the same Science Show program, talking about her latest publication A Trip to Dominions: The Scientific Event that Changed Australia.