Congratulations to Centre Deputy Director Laura Rademaker!

Laura was one of the success stories in the recent ARC announcements of funded DECRA projects. Laura’s project aims to provide a historical exploration of the experiences of self-determination in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. Working in partnership with Indigenous collaborators, it expects to generate new knowledge of the challenges and opportunities which arose from the process of self-determination. Expected outcomes include a new history of the Northern Territory as shaped by self-determination, together with innovative methods for community-based collaborative research which give voice to historical Indigenous experiences. This should provide significant benefits for policymakers engaging with Indigenous communities and generate deeper cultural understanding of an important era in Australia’s Indigenous history.

Centre Director Ann McGrath said “This is a wonderful achievement. Laura’s project promises real benefit for an understanding of Indigenous pasts and futures, which will be of high significance for future policy making. I am thrilled to congratulate Laura on the award of a DECRA, an award for outstanding Early Career Researchers”.